John Lennon Boogie

John Lennon Boogie

Thick Rounds w Paddle Temples
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60's style John Lennon Eyewear Collection Discontinued Boogie Round Average Eyeglass Frames with Paddle Temples

Update* 7/1/18 I only have 3 Tortoise pairs left. 2 of the tort pairs were customized for a wider head back at the ears. The mitered angle where the temple meets the hinge front has been adjusted so that the temples open about 30 degrees wider than the intended standardized right angle to the front of the frame. See marked up photos. This allows a fit for folks who can wear a narrow frame front but need extra frame width opening back by the ears. The paddle end can then be customized either by you by dipping the paddle end in near boiling water for a minute and then bending it whichever way you need, (Please wear rubber gloves cause the acetate gets too hot to handle), or an optician's frame warmer.

The third pair has wrinkles in the paddle, and a small dent in the bridge. See marked photos. This is how they sent them to me. If these imperfections don't bother you, then these are for you. All 3 Tortoise pairs are FINAL SALE.

$50 Hard to find, medium rounds from the John Lennon Collection of eyewear frames. Authenticated with the silver John Lennon head logo, on the end of the temple. Great, bold shape, that just about anyone with an average head can wear. Paddle temples like the styles from the 50's and 60's, and wider bridge for those of you who need a little extra width on your nose.
See my store, for an extensive selection of authentic John Lennnon frames, at unbeatable prices.
Don't settle for imitations.

Please know that I can adjust these frames and make the lens opening close to a perfect round lens opening, being 1 1/2" wide (40mm) by 1 716" high (37mm). Choose 'ROUNDER' product option in the selector. Custom adjusted frames are $75 and are not returnable.  I can also miter the temples so that they open wider for those of you who need the extra width by your ears.  The temples will open 30 degrees past their intended standardized right angle to the front of the frame.  This adjustment is permanent, cannot be reversed and are FINAL SALE. For this option,  choose 'Wider' in the selector.

These frames easily sell for well over $200 in optical shops, IF you can find them. They are indeed discontinued. They come in black and tortoise. There is very little color variation in the tortoise frame. Our Facebook page darlings Sean and Callie, wearing our Lennon Boogies with their own sunglass prescription.

Our daughter is wearing the BOOGIE style, and hubby is wearing Retro 2. Only available here, at Retro Focus Eyewear.


  • Frame width: 5 3/16" (130mm)

  • Frame height: 1 3/4"(46mm)

  • Frame material: Acetate

  • Lens width: 1 5/8"(41mm) or  'Adjusted' for 1 9/16" (40mm)

  • Lens height: 1 3/8" (35mm) or 'Adjusted' 1 1/2" (38mm)

  • Hinge to hinge width: 5" (126mm)

  • Bridge (DBL): 22mm

  • Temple length: 5 1/2" (140mm)

  • Spring hinge: No

  • Pupil to pupil distance: 2 5/8" (67mm)

  • Lenses: Demo

  • Head size: Average

  • Optical quality: Absolutely

  • If you're buying these for your own RX, choose 'no lenses', in the selection box.

  • Note: We work side by side with an online lab called that charges wholesale prices for lenses that we recommend to all our eyewear buyers. Their prices are 2/3rds less than your local neighborhood optical shops. Visit their website. They never turn down any of our optical frames. Our frames are guaranteed with a free replacement or refund in case the lab damages them while they install your lenses. No other optician would give you such a promise. Only does. Tell them Desi sentcha from Retro Focus Eyewear.

  • Protective case and lens cleaning cloth included with every order.

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