2021 RFE Updates

2021 RFE Updates

2-24-21 Grey Hair Pixie Self Cut

Uh yeah, you know you have these plans.... BIG plans...
Expecting life to go a certain way, then that fuckin curve ball comes at you at 30mph.
You duck.
Phew. That was close.
Let's do something differently so that doesn't happen again.

Okay, things are going your way.
Life is good....seemingly......
Another fast ball comes your way.
You give it all you got with your back hand 'fuck off' swing.
Back on track for a while.

Then your kitten's life is in the hands of the veterinarian hospital.
2 months have passed in 2 weeks it seems and she's doing great.

At the same time I'm told I have another oral cyst brewing next to my implant.
Better get that root canal done ASAP before we loose 2 teeth.

After seeing my Endo for that awesome Rooty Toofy
I sat in the dentist chair the other day to be fitted for that crown I now need.
The dental technician and I were shooting the breeze about people and their teeth.
How when I was a kid I didn't take care of mine.
She remarked, "people back then didn't take care of their teeth".
"Your teeth are pretty good for your age. I see people your age coming in for full sets of dentures".

So I've OFFICIALLY entered the 'PEOPLE BACK THEN' and 'PEOPLE YOUR AGE' categories....


It's over a year since Dad passed.
Moved Mom one more time into a smaller living space to lower her monthly expenses
and start fresh without the sad memories attached to the prior apartment we moved them to when Dad was diagnosed with PSP.
The movers did SUCH an AWESOME job that I didn't have to worry about a damn thing.
Because you know, Mom's problems become my problems.
Gave them a spectacular review on Yelp saying just that.

Kitty's good.
Mom's great.
Took care of my teeth.

Now my website is having senior moments.
I'm told that updating my site to Drupal 9 will cost me the down payment of a studio co-op in Bayside.

Excuse me.
Been there done that.
Well how about a new site build on Squarespace?
What. You want me to learn something new?
Forgive me.
No vacancy for new information in this 60 something' year old brain.
I'm too old for this shit.
Not doing it.

So one of the senior moments my site is having is the ability to keep up with newer versions of my online Credit Card Processor PayPal.
Therefore your successful payment gets rerouted back to my website but instead of seeing a familiar orders page,
you're greeted with "Error Page Not Found" page with plenty of WTF's echoing in your mind.
To all my clients who've experienced this, please forgive us.
No need to re-enter your information for payment again.
Trust me, I got it.
You can always use my 'Contact Us' page to ask me just to make sure.
I suppose this is just the beginning of many glitches to come.
I'm prepared to relist all my inventory on my Etsy Shop because I don't know when this site's card will turn up.
If you can't find your old favorites here, look there at Back Thennish Vintage
on Etsy.

Oh, 3 weeks ago I said goodbye to almost 2 feet of old brown, salty peppery strands.
and I've given myself a pixie haircut.

Now I look like I could be my mother's sister.
Woo hoo.

And I haven't been posting on social media this year. (Okay, maybe once on my business Facebook page).
It feels reeeeally good. It's just not me, never really was.

So this reboot in life, the year 2021 is just the beginning of more surprises I suppose.
I'm ready for them.
Throw me that curve ball honey.