2022. One More Year.

2022. One More Year.

As I reach retirement age, Ive become more and more mindful with letting go.
I've decided this is my last year as a website owner.
The amount of sales last year didn't quite justify the expenses to run Retro Focus Eyewear.
I've quietly known and predicted this would happen.
I've watched my sales slowly decline since 2009 and actually the timing of this decision couldn't be better.

Back when I started selling online I was amongst the few who relied on e-commerce to make a living and became one of the top sellers of eyewear on Ebay.
As the internet became more popular and enticing to small start ups and young entrepreneurs the web grew to become the favorable way to shop.
More and more businesses hopped on the internet to sell and equally the world relied on the internet to buy.
This evolution led to constant price restructuring with cheaper made goods to counteract revenue decrease, the perfect example of supply surpassing demand.

The internet is so saturated that as large and successful as I was 20 somewhat years ago, I'm just a small minnow in comparison to mammoth competition now.
I never cared to be big or the biggest. I made my living doing exactly what I wanted being small and mighty (for a while).
I'm happy with what I've accomplished, not many can say that about themselves.

I will be shutting my website down sometime in November or December of this year when my SSL expires.
My remaining inventory will be offered to the public on other marketplaces that offer me more exposure.

As of today I will retain my domain name and its LLC status until further notice.
If you have a favorite here, buy it this year before I close shop.
I won't be as accessible to answer any questions after I've shut this site down.
You'll have to search other marketplaces for your old favorites.
I may delete my business email as well. We'll see. Just toying with THAT thought.

Very few styles are available for wholesale pricing. Send me an email if you're interested.

It's been almost a year since I've posted anything on Instagram or Facebook Business.
Since I've stopped using social media to promote my merch, my Facebook page will be deleted after my site goes.

It's been a great 22 year run with many great experiences, repeat customers and humbling feedback.
it's time to move on.

Have a great New Year everyone.
And from the bottom of my heart I thank you and I will miss you.