About Vintage Eyewear

About Vintage Eyewear

New Old Stock of vintage eyeglass frames.

Vintage eyewear are frames that are at least 20 years old, made generally before the year 2000. Since they aren't in production anymore, many of the frames found out there are pretty rare and unique unless it was a mass produced line where thousands were distributed amongst the ophthalmic industry. 

They can be found at yard sales with existing prescriptions of the previous owner, thrift shops, estate sales, and conveniently on the mighty web. When buying vintage frames you may find it important to know if they were pre-owned or new old stock, never used. In my product descriptions I will tell you. 

Many vintage frames that were never worn won't have lenses in them. Manufacturers didn't always have demo lenses in them like they do today. The lens opening was traced or templates existed for most models back in the day. Don't let that keep you from buying a lens-less frame as with today's technology it is super easy for a replacement lens lab to trace the lens opening. 

Most vintage frames have been in storage and may show wear in the form of warping, light surface scratches, yellowing on the frame or nose pads. Stiff hinges that need to be lubricated. With proper attention a frame can be brought back to life and used again for many more years with your own prescription. That's the fun part. Finding a pair of old Tart Arnel hornrims, cleaning and polishing the frame, straightening the warp and bringing it back to life is a passion for me. When I offer an old frame for sale, I make sure that it is suitable for a prescription. And if it's not, I’ll note I'm selling it for design inspiration or for collectors. 

My passion for vintage frames goes beyond their uniqueness. They were made to last. Their hinges were riveted and strong and frames didn't fall apart like they do now. They *wore* out after many good years of daily wear. With rising production costs of petroleum and other materials that were used in the manufacturing of frames, today's inventory is made with a disposable society in mind. Just like everything else you buy these days, (that washing machine, microwave, toaster, furniture and clothing) their lifespan cannot compare with the same items made prior to the 1980's unless you're paying for top of the line. Most of us don't have 'top of the line' income. The vintage frame you purchase from me will probably cost you the same as the frame you would have selected from your optician's selection only difference is vintage frames will last you a heck of a lot longer than the ones you buy today for the same price. 

I have hundreds of vintage frames in stock. Looking for rounds? Ovals? Cat Eyes? Aviators? Oversized? Antique? A specific designer? Wide frames? Petite fit? Children's? Contact me and I'll show you what I have. We'll take it from there.

Warmly, Desi