Browlines Are Back?

Browlines Are Back?

Just read an article in Vision Care News about how Browline frames are making a comeback. We at Retro Focus Eyewear knew that when we started carrying browline reading glasses about 5 years ago. They were and continue to be one of our best selling unisex styles for those of you who need readers.

What are 'Browlines'? They are a combination of metal and plastic frames with the plastic on the top half portion of the frame having the bottom either rimless or with a metal or plastic band on the lower half of the frame supporting the lens . It is said they were first invented in 1947 by Shuron Optical Company. Made famous in the 1950's by James Dean who wore the sunglass version, and in the 1960's by Malcom X who was never seen without a pair of browlines either in a clear or sunglass version.

They made a comeback in the 1990's after the film 'Falling Down' starring Michael Douglas wore them portraying the character William Foster 'D-Fens'. The 2010 generation of hipsters continue to make them popular today. Do you own a pair?


Ours can be found HERE.


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