A Different Spring

A Different Spring

‘A Different Spring’ by Desi Scheck

I sit here with many thoughts in my head, how the last 4 months have flown by and our lives are so different. Now that so many people are hard up for money with the COVID-19 pandemic having caused so much unemployment, I figured it was the right time to keep my site wide sale going. 
To help others maintain their budgets and to move my inventory out.

I’m gonna keep the sale going indefinitely as I am so done with trying to keep up with the constant growing eyewear industry. I’d rather sell vintage eyewear and collectibles. I enjoy the hunt (truth be told) in finding really cool and unusual things from our past and offering it world wide for others to enjoy.

I’m doing this almost 20 years and it’s time to shift into retirement which is several years away. I decided I didn’t want my daughter throwing out all my eyewear inventory when I’m gone. 

I’d be willing to entertain fair offers on some of my rare and vintage frames as well. However with the sale in place I don’t know if I can do much better.

Drop me a line.

I feel the world will be a slightly different place when the fear of this virus has subsided. My immediate thoughts are,”Should I hug a friend that I haven’t seen in a while? How close are we gonna get to one another in a casual environment? Will there be hesitation?” I think so.
Maybe we won’t go out as much as we used to. Those little errands we’d hop into our cars for may wait until we can bundle them into a once or every other week outing. That will result in cleaner air. Less traffic. Lots of good chain reactions can occur from how we were forced to re-think our daily lives.
I am aware that our current situation has also destroyed many lives and has made it difficult for others.

I’m fortunate. I do enjoy my confinement. I beautified my yard with my bare hands. Being outside on nicer days meant I could say hello to whoever walked by while plucking weeds on my hands and knees. On rainy days I listed a lot of vintage items on my marketplace platforms and just worked worked worked. I love what I do and I’m never without something that needs to be done.

Orders have been steady, and with the help of USPS picking up my prepaid packages meant I didn’t have to go out and mail them myself. Thank you USPS for this.

My husband and I have been careful and healthy. He’s still required to work at Avis Rental, however being one of the luckier employees who didn’t loose his job, they did cut his hours to 4 days a week. Car rentals are down from about 300 a day to 10 roughly speaking. Some locations and competitors have closed down completely.

I’m rambling which I normally don’t do in a blog post, just felt like talking to ya’all and letting you know all’s good here.

Stay safe and healthy please.