Eclectic Eyewear for Petite Adult Faces

Eclectic Eyewear for Petite Adult Faces

Most Unique collection of Petite Fit reading Glasses, Antique, Vintage and New Eyeglass Frames for Small Adult sized Faces

It's not hard to find your frame size with the selection we have at Retro Focus Eyewear. Buyers have a unique choice of narrow widths in a variety of frame styles which will accommodate multi prescriptions within one lens (bifocal and progressives). As we all know, not all heads are the same size.

For those of you who have petite, small faces, our site is set up where if you enter the keyword 'petite' into the search box located on the top right hand corner of any page a selection of eyewear having an inside hinge to hinge width under 5" (135mm) will appear. The same goes for my big guys out there. Type in 'wide' and you'll see wide frames. (We will have a special filter to sort by frame size in about a week or so).

We have a wide selection of vintage frames in the petite & wide size as well. Please feel free to contact me and tell me what you had in mind. I have a lot of styles in different sizes and colors that are very well made and back in vogue once more. They're not on the site yet, as I'm only one person and can't do it all. I'll be happy to search for you and send you photos of a specific style you're looking for.

Keep in mind that the inside hinge to hinge width (the space between the 2 stems) of a frame is the measurement I'm looking for. The stems (or temples) shouldn't touch the side of your head in order for them to be comfortable. That number usually hovers between 4 1/4" to 4 3/4" for petite adult faces.

So do a little homework and measure the width between the hinges of a pair of glasses you currently wear that fit you the way you like. If you're not where to measure, our FAQ's page has a clear diagram of how to measure your glasses. Then look at our selection and read the 'SPECS' for the glasses you've had your eyes on. I include detailed frame measurements for all the eyewear I offer. I'm also here whenever you have a question :)

Remember, our 90% of our frames (even the cool ones found under 'Reading Glasses') are optical quality unless otherwise noted in their description. Any willing optician can install your prescription into our frames. Just to be sure they will do it. Ask them. Most opticians are not willing to fill a frame you walk into their establishment with. Most of them will give you at least 1 of 10 BS excuses as to why they can't (or won't) and honestly 5% of the excuses are true. Those opticians are primarily looking after their own pockets and want to intimidate you into buying a frame from their selection.

There are many online lens labs who will accept your frame and make lenses for you at a much reasonable cost to you because they haven't the overhead expense of being in a brick and mortar establishment. They're able to offer lenses at prices that are so low you'll be able to purchase a second pair with lenses and still come out paying less than if you had one pair done with your local optician. One online lab that I use for myself and my family's Rx is We refer them to all our eyewear buyers and they never turn away our frames. Our frames are guaranteed with a free replacement (or refund) if their technician damages your frame while they install your lenses. No other establishment, online or brick would give you such a guarantee as I do. That's because ReplaceALens cares about their customer, not their wallets.

Retro Focus Eyewear is not affiliated with them in any form. No kick backs for referrals. We're just a happy repeat customer of theirs and want to share this great lens company with our buyers. Cause when you're happy, I'm happy.