It's All Good 2016 in Review

It's All Good 2016 in Review

Retro Focus Eyewear Year in Review 2016, every picture tells my story.

Man o man where do I begin. Where did the time go? I look back at my last blog entry and realized that I really put my dreams on hold. .
If you asked me, "How was your year?" a little while ago before I sat down to think about it I probably would have hung my head and softly said, "one of my hardest years yet".
Exposing my personal trials and tribulations using social media in a society where most people really only wanna hear the positive happy stuff is just not my thing.
But I love to write. So, I won't tell you what haunts me every day, I'll write about what I actually accomplished this year and the positive stuff that made a difference.

After putting the revamping of my 70 year old kitchen on hold for a year,
I finally got back to it and gave the bottom half 2 coats of paint and most of the cabinetry back in place.
It will probably be another year before I get to strip, sand, paint the top halves.. ( oops that's not positive.. sorry! )
I purchased my first retail eyewear store closeout deal in March 2016 and am slowly picking and sorting frames and putting them on my 2 websites.
I finally counted and sorted 6 huge black bags of uncut new prescription lenses that have been in my living room since last March,
(I'm talkin' thousands) so that one day I can sell them as 'lots' on ebay.
After 16 years I left Ebay. Only 23 items on that marketplace where once I had over 1800 listed products for sale.
I met these 2 awesome local web design guys 'Sego Solutions', who rebuilt my crippled website and created a perfectly working website which was launched in January of 2016.
I became part of the best multi dealer vintage shop in Huntington, LI
called 'Rosie's Vintage' and made new awesome friends.
I socialized and fostered my first rescued 12 wk old stray kitten and in 2 weeks I found her the best home a feline could ever have.
Volunteering 1 day a week at one of my favorite animal charity '' .
Climbed the Rockies with the best of friends.
Discovered I have a guardian angel.
I can still cut my own hair.
Got my truck magnets and vinyl windshield signs made (thanks to Prichinello Designs).
Visited Sedona AZ. Visited Mystic Conn.
Visited the bar where the 1990's movie 'Good Fellas' was filmed (one of my favorite flicks).

And I discovered my shoulders are stronger than I give them credit.

Lookin' back……
Well. It's all good.

Desi xo