Just Changing My Chucks

Just Changing My Chucks

Retro Focus Eyewear:  Time to Change My Chucks

My readers may have been the coolest, or pretty unique compared to most online shops, but when I’m competing against social marketing and search engine algorithms, businesses with larger capital and a hefty allowance for paid advertising, has pretty much made me reconsider continuing.
Algorithms work by how many hits/clicks your posts get. The more clicks, the better your exposure is. Unless I’m paying for ‘more clicks’, my business exposure is minimal at best. Sure I ‘boost’ and ‘promote’ as my budget allows but that only helps when my viewers interact with my posts.

There’s only so much I can do as 1 person wearing this many hats.

Things were so different in 2001 when I began selling eyewear online. I had very little competition and business was awesome. Remember, Retro Focus Eyewear has always been a one woman show.
I’m done competing.
This show has run its course.
The reading glasses portion of my business will disappear one day but my site will not go away.
Time to focus on vintage eyewear for sale here and my vintage finds on Etsy.

Kindly pass along my website to anyone you know who wears readers. I promise they won’t be disappointed. All readers are on sale at 50% off until supplies last or in my clearance section.

Helping people see clearer for almost 20 years, I’ve made many friends during my eyewear career. Thank you all soo so much for making it all worth while.

Not going anywhere......
Just changin’ my chucks.