Mod 60's Eyewear

Mod 60's Eyewear

Mod 60's Round Eyewear Fashion. Ultimate expression of who you are.  Dare to be different.

Having been born in 1960, I lived the explosion of color and clean simplistic graphics through my mother who was a fashionista in her own way. By the time I was a teanager I frequented second hand shops and clearly remember my most favorite maxi coat that I picked up for $2.50. It was 100% wool in bright purple with 3 huge purple textured buttons with hand bound button holes, evenly spaced down the front and a pleated chameleon collar that sheltered my entire head when it was folded up. I wore that coat into my college years until I gave it up for a black one lined in red velvet which also had a huge collar that covered my head.

I wore glasses as a child and somehow in the 6th grade my optician told me I didn't need them anymore. Do you think I would have been wearing these rounds if I did? I think so. Now that I'm older,  I need them for just about everything.

With hundreds if not thousands of vintage frames in my inventory and not enough time in a day to present them individually on my site, I'll tease you with 'collections'.  (now if that's not a run on sentence or what?...)

Rounds are hard to find. Especially 360˙ black thick chunky ones. What makes these stand out from the rest of the current day inventory is their quality. Made of nylon, which was the most durable plastic made at that time with practically indestructible barrel hinges that were riveted to the frame. Made in France between the 1960's and early 70's.

These beauties have a frame width of 5 1/4" and they get narrower. If you've got a petite to average size adult face and always wanted a black round, then you're in luck.

Rounds look best on long, oval and rectangular shaped faces. Some heart shaped faces can pull these off depending on the bridge placement and bridge size each presenting a totally different appearance on the face. If the bridge is pretty much in the center of the frame then the overall frame will sit high on your face and most likely cover your eyebrows. If the bridge sits towards the top of the frame, then the frame will sit lower on your face with your brows peaking above the frame and your eyes towards the top portion of the lens opening. Take Iris Arpel for example. Her iconic huge black round eyeglasses have a bridge in the center of the frame which pretty much places her frames in the middle of her face and her eyes dead center within the lens openings.

Shown in the black & white photo above are all the blacks that are for sale. If you're interested in a specific pair, toss me an email. I'm always happy to answer any questions you may have. Desi xx