Modern meets Victoriana, Understanding the Steampunk Genre

Modern meets Victoriana, Understanding the Steampunk Genre

understanding the steampunk genre. It's eyewear, interior design, and fashion.

The Steampunk genre intrigued me a couple of years ago (where have I been!) when I attended the Pier Antique Show in Manhattan, in 2010. There were more and more vendors selling antiques that were 'refurbished' with a twist. Almost with a 'Clockwork Orange' feel but without the violence. My favorite vendor was Bruce Rosenbaum, with several pieces of his recreated blends of victorian furniture and modern technology. More and more of my victorian era items selling from my other internet shop,
'Back Thennish Vintage'.

Those of you who are not familiar with the Steampunk world, these articles are a good introduction in describing this subculture that is quickly catching on. It certainly has my attention in more ways than just in eyewear styles.

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IBM predicts Steampunk to go mainstream

Next up on the RFE blog, is a collection of steampunk eyewear. Stay tuned!