My Social Media Hiatus

My Social Media Hiatus

My all time favorite vintage GAP PEACE sweatshirt from the 80's

I've taken a break from social media so that will explain why you've looked me up the last couple months and couldn't find me.
It's another full time job maintaining Instagram and Facebook posts that engage, capture your eye and make you stop and comment or 'like'.
One less thing to think about every day. It's really nice when my creativity is shown in my home and yard... it's just a personal preference.
I'd rather be doing something else with my hands than holding my phone..
It's given me the space I need to be me.
Social media isn't me.
Never was.
I pretended it was.
It was business, with a bit of what I loved mixed in.
I've activated my IG accounts but will stay quiet about it.
I've deleted my Twitter account (ugh what a waste of time that was).
I've limited my business page on Facebook to just posts (if I ever decide to make another) with no shopping button included because of Facebook's rules that constantly change and make it less fun to be there. Also I noticed social media didn’t really make any sales for me. The ‘likes’ I received were from friends, loyal repeat buyers and family.
My sales come from folks who do searches and therefore land on my marketplaces or this website.
Social media was literally a waste of my time.
You'll see me actively listing stuff on my Etsy shops, and here.

I'm out there, but in the nosebleed section of the stadium :-) it’s really nice up here. I love the wind in my hair.



To that guy who sooo graciously offered to re-do my website on SquareSpace and then totally ghosted me, thanks for that.
You really aren’t who you said you were, are you.

What is it with people?