Tiny but Mighty

Tiny but Mighty

Tiny But Mighty at Retro Focus Eyewear

I’m really stoked to be adding so many kids sizes lately. This photo only shows a fraction of my inventory and I hope you’ll explore my options when it comes to fitting yourself or your child frames that will last longer than today’s choices.

Vintage eyewear was built to last. Their shapes mimic adult versions, and not designed like today’s styles which look like candy. Granted there are some upscale manufacturers who are producing smaller versions of today’s adult frames they aren’t built with the same sturdy materials used decades ago. Take for instance the things you buy for yourself today. Whether it be appliances, clothing, furniture, it’s all made with profit in mind and not quality.

I’m proud of my Mini Me vintage line. I wouldn’t be offering it to the public if I didn’t think it was worth every penny you’ll be spending on it.


Warmly, Desi