Questions or Comments?

Questions or Comments?

Lay it on us

Call or TEXT (preferred) me Mondays thru Fridays 9am-6pm Eastern Standard Time. Weekend calls get answered on the first business day. As far as the pandemic goes, no service interruptions here. I ship about 3-4x a week using USPS morning pick up services.

If you have experienced a 'PAGE NOT FOUND' error after submitting payment, don't worry. You're payment was captured successfully and securely. No need to resubmit.

PLEASE leave a voice message with your name and reason you're calling.
For shipping notifications, check your email inbox/junk/spam folder as my online merchant always sends your tracking number to the email you provided on your payment.
I don't return calls who don't leave a message in one form or another. I'm very busy during the day and I get a lot of solicited and 'Unknown Number' calls which I do not answer.
Leave me a message and repeat your phone number TWICE to make sure it gets translated completely in the transmission so I can call you back first chance I get.

Desi @ 646-436-0314