$5 Oversized cat eye reading glasses.
Really cool lookin' futuristic retro reading glasses.  Suits a round, rectangular or heart shaped face.  You won't find these anywhere else but here.  Normally $20,  now 2 pairs for $8.
These are lightweight plastic reading glasses and very comfortable to wear.  Great quality lenses.  You won't find these in anywhere except here at  Retro Focus Eyewear.
3 pairs for $10.  I'll pick for you.  Lightweight aviator reading glasses.  Everyone looks the part in aviators.  I don't think I've met anyone who doesn't look good in them.
3 pairs of reading glasses for $10,  Made of a better plastic,  they perform well.  Nice big lenses.  Great quality polycarbonate.
Bold thick flat top Panto horn rim round reading glasses.  We've had a wonderful relationship with this style and we've got them back !
A very nice neutral colored frame that will quietly turn heads.  Clear,  pale olive green,  and oak brown. The olive frame has deep rich tortoise temples.  Not completely round and this shape will suit most face shapes.  Spring hinges allow a little give for those who need it.
Made in the USA in the 1930's, a rare one of a kind magnifying glass pendant.  Its' magnification is magnificent.  Hangs from a solid brass chain.  You'll never leave home without it.
Betty Browline square cat eye eyeglasses or reading glasses.  Perfect for an oval, square or rectangular shaped head. Beautiful acetate frames with spring hinges.  In 3 colors, one is bound to meow at you!
Thick and chunky retro hipster reading glasses.  When over the counter readers just aren't wide or big enough.  I'm happy to offer these large sized readers,  measuring 5 1/2" (140mm) between the temples.  The temples are 5 3/4" long (145mm).
AXEL extra large, big wide round metal reading glasses for my big peeps.  Hard to find size.
When over the counter readers just aren't wide or big enough.  I'm happy to offer these large sized readers,  measuring 5 3/4" (145mm) between the temples. The temples are also 5 3/4" long (145mm).
Only $5 a pair.  On clearance.  A horn rim reader very much like your father wore in the 50's and 60's.  Black plastic frame that's prescription friendly if you don't wear readers.  These come with +3.00 prescription in them already.  You'll love them.  Bring out the little geek in ya!
'Auteurist'  a strong,  bold and chunky hornrim acetate frame.  Influential in it's own way you'll want all 4 colors.  Available as reading glasses or frames..
Very well made light weight graphic industrial design with a steampunk flair to them. Spring hinges plus a wide frame make this the perfect reader for my large keppies.  .
Available as reading glasses or eyeglass frames.  One of the sturdiest frames you'll meet in our Cat Eye family.  Meow Mix has been with us for several years and just about sold out. Don't pass up your favorite color.  They don't make'm like this anymore.
Fabulous neutral black-grey leopard tortoise round hornrims. Big, and a hipster's dream.
Light weight plastic big round O's.  In Dark Tortoise, Crystal Clear and Black. Have a little fun will ya? :)
Wide bridge!  Very light weight metal reading glasses for the slightly irreverent soul. Do what you want.  Wear what you like. That's what I'm here for.
Wide bridge quirky odd eccentric metal reading glasses.  6 sided light weight readers with adjustable nose pads.  Soft matte satin finish in red, black, soft gold and silver.  Bring yourself some luck!
A great modern, graphic, clean metal reader that would look great on rectangular, oval and oblong faces.  You can put your own Rx into these, they're optical quality frames!
Beautiful slim rectangular reading glasses/frames with an etched design on the temples. Perfect width for a petite small adult head.
A light weight wide reader that you'll love if you wear readers to look down while working.
Narrow slim rectangular unisex reading glasses/eyeglass frames in colorful pink, denim blue, and pine green.
Unique rectangular frames/readers that ombre from grey to black, teal to dark blue, and purple to black.
A beautifully crafted wide frame oval cat eye in readers or eyeglass frame. White, tortoise or caramel.s
3 pair foer $10 Crazy colorful rectangular metal/acetate reading glasses. One of a kind ooak eyeglasses
Rectangular reading glasses and eyeglass frames for a small adult sized head.
3 pairs for $10 Colorful reading glasses, eyeglass frames to brighten your day. Red, Royal Blue, Magenta Pink Purple
2 for $10 Semi Rimless Sexy Petitie Browline Reading Glasses Red Green
Drama Queen Chunky Narrow Slim Sexy Oval Reading glasses eyeglass frames/optical eyeglass frames
3 pairs for $10 Ford Hipster Hornrim  Rectangular Wayfarer Temple Reading Glasses Optical Eyeglass Frames
Pretty Petite Sized Adult Ciao Rhinestone Reading Glasses in Red, Black and Caramel Brown
Fun and chunky flattened round grunge pink, blue, hipster clear and tortoise. Indie eyeglass frames or reading glasses .
Euro Pop Cultured Colorful Unisex Metal Reading Glasses
Red, White and Black rectangular readers with animal prints on the inside of the frame
Thick fun Hornrim Hipster Geek Large eyeglass frames or reading glasses
Clubman Hipster Browline Bifocal Reading Glasses
A light weight plastic pinup  square cat eye reader that brings you back to the Mad Men Era of the 1960's.  A Shuron-styled Browline Fade coloring in black, red and brown.
Nice sized unisex hipster hornrims in clear, crystal yellow, and oregano green,  as readers or for your own prescription.
Tortoise Cat Eye Reading Glasses in Red, Denim Blue, Grey and Brown perfect for a petite sized face
Nice Hornrimed Eyeglass frames in 50 something' shades of Grey Tortoise,  Retro Teal Green, and Antique Golden Tortoise
Reading Glasses in a New 'non' Color in a thick chunky clear frame.
3 pairs for $10 Wide Metal Frame in an eccentric unique Cat Eye Shape Reading Glasses
Small quirky square acetate reading glasses/eyeglass frames in cool colors.
Large Square Cat Eye Sun Reader
$5 Sun Reader Clearance Cheap inexpensive Sunreaders Not Bifocal Browline Hipster Sun Reader
Panto-Sama-Style Round Sun Reader
Hot Pointy Pinup Cat Eye Sun Reader
Full Lens Geek Hipster Reading Glasses or Eyeglass Frames in purple, denim blue, tortoise and black
Oversized 80's Round Reading Glasses w High Key Hole Bridge
3 pairs for $10.  80's Style Panto Round Reading Glasses, high bridge, straight stems, different, big field of view.
3 pairs for $10 Italian inspired High Bridge Panto Reading Glasses
Fun colorful hipster hornrim reading glasses in aqua, turquoise, kiwi green, red, tortoise and black
Wide Hipster Hornrim reading glasses in Tortoise with long temples.  Great shape for a square or rectangular face.
Pink, Aqua and Black classic Cat Eye Reading glasses or eyeglass frames
Oval Round Tortoise or Frost White Reading Glasses
Beautiful acetate frames that glow in the sun. Great style for round, square faces.
Hornrim Cat Eye Reading Glasses
Small Hornrim Geek Style HIpster with amber or Pearl white temples
2 pairs for $10 Pointy Rhinestone cat eye readers/eyeglass frames in white or tortoise
Grey or Caramel Hipster Hornrim Reading Glasses and eyeglass frames
An eccentric petite round frame for those who dare to be different.
Very nice layered acetate optical frames. Great Cat Eye shape for pear, square, or oval faces
Large squarish hornrim readers/frames in delightful color combinations
Seriously chunky and big hornrim geek style readers/eyeglass frames
A panto peabody 'horny' round. This style originates to about the 1940's. Oliver Peoples as well as L.A. Eyeworks have brought back this style made popular back in the 1960's by Gregory Peck and again in the 1980's.
2Tone Hornrim Hipster reading glasses, not too big, not too small. Just enough geekness for those who are a bit shy.
Brighten up your day.  Yellow hornrim reading glasses.  Spring hinges,  very VERY nice quality.  Clearance at $10 a pair.   Lover of yellow.
$5.  Kooky Strange Square Reading Glasses in Tortoise with Lime Stems
Rockabilly Pinup Cat Eye readers/frames for a petite, small sized adult head. Motel Green, Yellow, Retro Pink and Black.
A crystal clear horny browline reader
High end Boutique Sleek cat eye readers/frames in orange, magenta or clear with red lattice design
Simple medium sized round readers/eyeglass frames in Black, Tan and White
$10 Acetate Cat Eye Readers.  Wide Frame Cat Eye Reading Glasses or Eyeglass Frames
Big fun hornrim hipster geek reading glasses.
3 pairs for $10  Wide frame Readers for my 'big' head peeps ;)
2 pairs for $10.  Flashback black fade horn rim hipster geek reading glasses
REDUCED from $34 A round carved Panto Hornrim 80's Vintage L.A. Eyeworks Style Monte
Sexy Pointy Cat Eye Reading Glasses or Eyeglass Frames in Red, Black and Magenta
Hybrid Metal & Acetate Hipster Hornrim Reader/ Frame in Magenta, Copper or Black