WINDSOR 40-17-155
1920's Windsor spectacles with saddle bridge and coil temples.  Burgundy red celluloid covers the frame front.  Gold Filled frame.  Suited for a narrow to average sized face.1920's Windsor spectacles with saddle bridge and coil temples.  Burgundy red celluloid covers the frame front.  Gold Filled frame.  Suited for a narrow to average sized face.

Marked WINDSOR on the bridge.
The Windsor style was first introduced in 1880 and remained popular until after WWI.  Windsors came in silver,  roman steel, gold filled, gold,  and nickle.  Often the lens rims and temples were covered with celluloid in black, burgundy,  tortoise and blonde. This brown celluloid pair reflects a deep maroon hue in direct light,  
and a dark brown in low light.  These date to the 1910's-20's,  are in excellent pre-owned condition.

On the stems, (temples) the celluloid covers are cracked in several places where the cable coil it's scored to bend.  The celluloid is not dry or crumbly or anything,  just cracked.
I do have replacement plqstic shrink tubing in several different colors,  I can replace the tubing only along the temples but unlike this pair,  it will have exposed coil ends.  Not anywhere else.
The celluloid is fine around the rims and bridge showing no distress.
Saddle bridge and frame is gold filled (tested) and will accommodate most average prescriptions.  

Temples swing wider than the front width of the frame and will fit most narrow to average heads.  

*****PAY ATTENTION*****to the PD measurement as you will want your eyes to be centered within the lens opening on this particular style,  otherwise you will look cock-eyed if your eyes aren't in the middle of the lens.
If you don't know y our own PD measurement,  you DON'T need an optician to give it to you.  Have someone hold up a ruler to. your bridge and have them measure from one pupil to the other.  Should be a range of 2"-3", average PD is around 67mm(2 5/8").

Please enlarge all photos so you know exactly what you're getting.

I found this pair extremely comfortable to wear,  the frame isn't pressing against the front of my face as some coiled temples tend to do if they're not long enough.  The coil around the ear is relatively easy and will not feel tight on any head.  The lenses are prescription,  I can't tell if they're for near of far sighted,  so if you'd like me to remove them before I ship, convo me IMMEDIATELY.  Otherwise I will ship them with the lenses in the frame.

You won't be disappointed.  1 pair available.


Frame width: 4 5/8" (117mm)
Frame height: 1 5/8" (42mm)
Frame material: Gold filled (tested) and celluloid
Lens width: 1 9/16" (39-40mm)
Lens height: 1 9/16" (39-40mm)
Hinge to hinge width: 4 3/4" conservatively without causing a significant curving of the frame.
Bridge (Distance Between Lenses): 27mm (distance within the saddle bridge 17mm)
Temple length: 6 1/4" (155mm)
Spring hinge: easy hinge opening wider than conventional 45 degree angle as to fit narrow to average widths.
Pupil to pupil distance: 2" (55mm)
Lenses: currently an unknown prescription.
Head size: Narrow to average
Optical quality: Absolutely
Protective case and lens cleaning cloth included

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