Windsor 40-18-150
1920's 10k gold filled Windsor specs with saddle bridge.  These currently have lenses with +2.00-2.50 magnification and anyone who wears reading glasses with that general diopter can use these.  Prescription worthy frames with auburn celluloid rims.

Please visit my secure Flickr album dedicated to these specs. 16 unedited full sized photos.

The Windsor style was first introduced in 1880 and remained popular until after WWI. Windsors came in silver, roman steel, gold filled, gold, and nickle. Often the lens rims and temples were covered with celluloid in black, burgundy, tortoise and blonde. This pair reflects an auburn hue in direct light, and a dark brownish auburn in low light. 

The celluloid covers are in excellent condition having maintained their luster for about 100 years. 
1920's round 10K gold filled spectacles with auburn celluloid rims. Pre-owned. These are an exception to my return policy and are NOT returnable for refund. PLEASE be sure these are exactly what you are looking for before I ship them to you.
As offered with their original magnifying prescription glass lenses of about +2.00-+2.50 strength (not 100% sure of it's prescription). I typically wear +3.00-3.50 for close up viewing,  I found these perfect for clearing up my distance,  but not strong enough to read my cell.

The surface of the gold metal is in excellent condition and they haven't lost their shine. 
Though I could have polished the outer temples with a light cloth but didn't want to risk the possibility of the color changing even though gold filled is not like plated...
plates wear off with use.  Gold filled takes a lot longer to fade,  but does eventually wear.
These are in fantastic condition.  Ready for your own Rx.
They're about 100 years old. 
Saddle bridge marked 10k GF
Will accommodate most average prescriptions and bifocal scripts as well.

The lenses are flat lightweight glass,  practically scratch free. 
I found this pair extremely comfortable to wear, the frame isn't pressing against my eyelashes as some coiled temples tend to do if they're not long enough. 

You won't be disappointed. 1 pair available.

Frame width: 4 3/4" (120mm)
Frame height: 1 11/16" (43mm)
Frame material: 10k gold filled & celluloid rims
Lens width: 1 1/2" (40mm)
Lens height: 1 1/2" (40mm)
Hinge to hinge width: 4 3/4" (120mm)widening to 6" behind the ears conservatively without causing a significant curving of the frame front at the bridge.
Bridge (Distance Between Lenses): 28mm.  Widest width between saddle bridge itself 18mm.
Temple length: 6" (150mm)
Spring hinge: easy hinge opening wider than conventional 45 degree angle as to fit most head widths.
Pupil to pupil distance: 2 5/8" (65mm)
Lenses: current prescription approximately +2.00-2.50 magnification 
Head size: Narrow to average
Optical quality: Absolutely
Protective case and lens cleaning cloth included

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