Shuron Browlines
44-22-160 Vintage industry grunge glasses at their best.  Shuron,  style name is Dobbs. 1940's Aluminum Hornrim Browline eyeglass frames with coil temples.  Bridge is 12k GF.

These came from a recycling plant up in Vermont who had contacted me to see if I was interested in a bulk lot of used prescription eyeglasses. I'm generally one to restore old frames so naturally I said, "Heck Yeah!". These were the prize in the lot.  
Vintage frames are built to last decades. Especially aluminum ones. It's why I've been selling vintage online for 18 years.

Shuron brand, made in the USA, date about the late 1940's.  
Gold bridge is 12k rolled gold filled. Nice self adjusting pearlized lucite nose pads that swivel freely.
Appears the rivets and hinges may be gold-filled or plated as well.  
Sometimes in certain lighting the hardware looks light gold or silver. The coils show some gold wear. 
These are suited for a narrow face who's ears are not too far from the front of your face.  
Even though the temples are 6 1/4" long when the coils are extended, these coils are very strong and keep their curve.  
These frames won't slide down your bridge and won't ever fall off your face when you're bending down.  
These would make very practical work glasses.  

I'm not going to polish them. They are scratched and show signs of everyday use. That's what industrial vintage is all about.
It's got history, and I would wear them as is. If you look closely at the photos by zooming in, you will see all the scratches in the aluminum.

Now coil temples aren't for everyone. I wore these all day to test them and I just couldn't take the pressure behind my ears.
My ears are set too far back for these to be comfortable. The coil ends dug into the crook of my ear where it's attached to my head.
The frame width is fine. Just not the temple style. 

Currently these have bifocal glass lenses in them with a strong bottom prescription of about +3.50in each lens. The top portion is a distance prescription, which remarkably is better than my own prescription progressives!. I can see signs about 1/4 mile down the road which is a huge improvement for me.

For comparison, I normally wear +3.00-+3.50 in reading glasses. My distance prescription is about +2.00.
Wearing these would have been perfect for me had it not been for the coil temples.

If your eyes are similar to mine in Rx, you can probably wear these and see through them just fine.

If you like these frames and want your own prescription put into them, let me know andI'll remove the lenses for you so you can try these on at home without looking through someone else's Rx.

If you like this style and size and don't want coils, I do have other aluminum black temples I can replace the coils with. 
Just want a larger size? Try  *these*

Frame width: 5" (128mm)
Frame height: 1 5/8" (42mm)
Frame material:12kGF, aluminum.
Lens width: 1 3/4" (44mm)
Lens height: 1 1/2" (38mm)
Hinge to hinge width: 4 7/8" (125mm)
Bridge (DBL): 22mm
Temple length: 6 1/4" as stated on the temple (about 160mm)
Spring hinge: No
Pupil to pupil distance: 2 1/2" (65mm)
Lenses: Glass bifocal +2.00 over +3.50 approximately 
Head size: Narrow
Optical quality: Absolutely


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