Antique Magnifying Necklace
Made in the USA in the 1930's, a rare one of a kind magnifying glass pendant.  Its' magnification is magnificent.  Hangs from a solid brass chain.  You'll never leave home without it.

Once you're past the fact that you need a little bit of help reading that fine print, 
you'll find yourself owning more reading glasses than drinking glasses.  
Then there's that time you don't want a pair of specs on your face or on top of your head.  
Or maybe you wear glasses but want instant blow ups of what's in front of you.
With this around your neck you'll never be at a loss.

It's magnification is fantastic.  
It's glass is almost free of scratches,  (very small insignifant ones) which is pretty remarkable considering where I found it and how old it is.
From the 1930's or thereabouts.  
Hangs on a 30" solid brass chain and hangs down 3 3/4" from the chain.
The magnifying glass itself measures 3 3/8".
Glass is 1 1/2" in diameter. 
It's stamped USA :)

You WON'T see another like it.
You'll be the only person owning this.
Trust me.

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