Clip On Sunglasses

Clip On Sunglasses

For Profiles 1 Frames
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Profiles 1 stainless steel 360 degree rounds that can be fitted with these vintage clip on sunglasses.

These are a collection of vintage, PRE-OWNED sunglass clip ons specifically chosen and adjusted to fit the PROFILES 1 stainless steel 360 degree round frames that we sell here on our site. .

These clip ons have been cleaned, polished IF necessary, and customized to fit ONLY that frame.  The kiwi green ones are never used old new stock.

One of a kind vintage. Priced according to rarity and condition. I rarely ever find the same clip twice. Only one available of each color. Note, the "kiwi green" plastic rim is the same color as it's lenses. All the clip ons have thin glass lenses. They are fragile and should avoid being dropped. They may chip or crack when dropped.

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