1920's Round Sunglasses
1920's round silver metal rimmed wire sunglasses.  These have 2" lenses that appear amber when worn.  Non Rx lenses.  An alter ego's dream.

1920's vintage silver metal rimmed round orange/yellow sunglasses with coil temples.  Will suit just about every alter ego, darlin'.
Non Rx glass lenses are yellow but when worn reflect a subtle orange color.

Frame is just under 5 1/2" wide.  Saddle bridge.  Very fine strong memory wire cables that flex easily over most ears if they're not set far back on your head.  If you normally wear 6" temples on standard frames, these may be too short for you.

Free pin hinges allow this frame to fit many face widths.  
Not prescription friendly frames. 

There are close-ups of the left lens where there are some tint marks on the lens that can be seen from the inside but not while worn, nor can you see them looking at the frames from the front. There is also a pair of teeny weeny dots in the middle of the left lens that don't interfere with vision, and a small chip up against the rim.

Sunglasses from this period are very delicate and should not be dropped or adjusted.  You'll crack or chip the thin glass lenses.  These sunglasses are not returnable becase of their delicate nature.


  • Frame width: 5 7/16" (139mm)

  • Frame height: Just over 2" (51mm)

  • Frame material: Silver metal 

  • Lens width: 2" (50mm)

  • Lens height: 2" (50mm)

  • Hinge to hinge width: 5 7/16" (139mm)

  • Saddle Bridge (DBL): 22mm

  • Temple length:5 3/4" (150mm) or 5 1/2" (140mm comfortably) 

  • Spring hinge: Free Pin Hinges

  • Pupil to pupil distance: 2 3/4" (73mm)

  • Lenses: Non Rx Yellow, appear as amber when worn.

  • Head size: Average to extra wide

  • Optical quality: NO

  • Protective case and lens cleaning cloth included.

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