LEADBELLY Polarized EUC Sunglasses in Amber-brown Ombre.  Black temple.  By Electric.  Rate color. Style ‘Leadbelly’ 60’s style hornrim. Italian acetate, melanin infused CR39 lenses.
53-17-140 Made by Venezia.  Super nerdy beatnik eyeglass frames.  Narrow,  rectangular, thick black eyeglasses with Phillips head screw studs.
Made in Italy 1970's Safilo butterfly eyeglass frames,  new old stock never worn.  Clear with a salmon pink brow.  Silver metal spring temples.
Made in France, 1970's vintage by Carita, Paris.    A great summer-autumn sunglass frame. Beautiful random floating chips that resemble mother of pearl.  Auburn fade translucent frame mixed with coral mosaic flecks.
Givenchy X Dropped Temple 70s eyeglasses. 58-17-140. 70's vintage made in France.  Their color is somewhere between swirls of ginger ale and Champagne in a translucent way.
Liz Claiborne 53-17-140 Panto horn rim eyeglasses.   Acetate frame in a warm golden autumn tortoise. Hong Kong frame,  new old stock, 1980's vintage.  Key hole bridge.
Silhouette.  Style 3007-510 58-16-140 Stunning flattering butterfly shape. Acetate frame in a warm golden tortoise.   Made in Austria. New old stock never worn. 1970's vintage.  In excellent condition.
Metzelr En Vogue.  Style 0607 866 58-16-140 Awesome dropped temple. Layered zils of gold dust caramel/ creamy tan on the inside.  3 gold bars tying it all together on each temple.  Made in Germany .  New old stock,  never worn.
Buxton 80's new old stock eyeglass frames.  Made in Canada.  These will look AWESOME on a blonde, strawberry blonde fair skinned person.   This color is an auburn reddish tortoise, and looks brighter in the sun/outdoors.
White cat eyes are for those who aren't afraid of getting noticed.  Sweet cat eye eyeglass frames.  40-22-130mm. Pattern looks like white tapestry fabric with silver glitter swirls. Bottom half is clear.   New Old Stock from the 1950's-60's.   Made in USA. Team Optical Manufacturing Corp.
This style is slim and sexy, can be worn high on the bridge or slightly lower for that promiscuous glance.  46-22-135mm.  New Old Stock from the 1950's-60's.  Made in France.
These frames are new unused vintage inventory from the 1950's very much like the Tart Arnels eyeglasses Johnny Depp wears.
1920's 10k gold filled Windsor specs with saddle bridge.  These currently have lenses with +2.00-2.50 magnification and anyone who wears reading glasses with that general diopter can use these.  Prescription worthy frames with auburn celluloid rims.
38-27-140 Quirky and irreverent.   Itty bitty small round eyeglass frames in deep purple.  If you're like me you rarely follow trends and just wear what you love. Tah dah.
38-27-140 Quirky and irreverent.   Itty bitty small round eyeglass frames.  If you're like me you rarely follow trends and just wear what you love. Tah dah.
A sleek and sexy pearlized bronze frame with 12k white gold filled temples.  80's vintage Bausch and Lomb cat eye eyeglass frames in excellent used condition.
Such a beautiful clear eyeglass frame.  Never used 70's stock.  Their design allows for a thick prescription where the lens is thickest in the outer corners and along the bridge side. Narrow 17mm bridge.
1980's Reminiscence scalloped white cat eye sunglasses.  Reminiscence was an eclectic boutique located in Manhattan back in the 1980's.  These are extremely rare and you'd be hard pressed to ever find another pair like these. Made in France.
1980's Reminiscence brand cat eye sunglasses.  Reminiscence was an eclectic boutique located in Manhattan back in the 1980's.  These are extremely rare and you'd be hard pressed to ever find another pair like these. Made in France.
That sidekick in Deadpool,  what's his name.... Weasel... that's it!  I WANT HIS GLASSES!  Here they are:  C1025 Sanford Hutton black glasses. 50-19-140
Tart Optical style is called 'Arnel'.  These are original,  not reproductions,  new old stock, never worn inventory from a retired optician's optical shop.  I have 2 sizes in black, and 1 in redwood.
ESO Eastern States Optical Company made in the USA,  a very rare and desired hornrim,  very similar to the ones Johnny Depp wears.
Valentino plaid sunglasses.  Pre-owned 1970's vintage that is super rare and you'll never find another pair out there like these.  Wide frame,  non prescription lenses in a brown gradient tint.  Made in Italy,  1970's.
Round and beautiful Bausch & Lomb grey, lavender, pale salmon pink, lilac tortoise eyeglass frames.  Made in Italy,  vintage 70's era.
Bold thick flat top Panto horn rim round reading glasses.  We've had a wonderful relationship with this style and we've got them back !
Thick chunky frames and the way the frame front curves at the ends makes these PERFECT for thick lenses. New old vintage stock, never used.   Made in France 1960's.
Outrageous head turning angular squared cat eye eyeglass frames made in France 1960's new old stock,  never used.  Just the sexiest eye candy you'll ever see.
For extra petite sized heads.  Be it adult or child,  these early 1960's era frames were never used,  in excellent new condition.  Little silver poodles on each temple.  For that rockabilly pin up gal at heart.
Very rare and desired color. A peachy/flesh/nude/pale pink satin frame that blends in with your complexion. Rayette USA
A very nice neutral colored frame that will quietly turn heads.  Clear,  pale olive green,  and oak brown. The olive frame has deep rich tortoise temples.  Not completely round and this shape will suit most face shapes.  Spring hinges allow a little give for those who need it.
Tart Optical Vintage eyeglass frames. 1960's new old stock. Such nerdy goodness in these thick rectangular hornrims.
70's oversized new old stock.   For wide heads or narrow faces that want that ' LOOK'  xoxo.   Prescription friendly, never worn, never used.   Comes with it's original paper inventory sleeve.  Made in USA, Welling.
Beautiful thick eyeglass frames loaded with borealis rhinestones. 1960's.   Made in France, new old stock.
Lipstick red cat eye frames,  just when you thought you'd never wear red.  Big mistake.  Huge.  (one of my favorite lines from the movie  'Pretty Woman'.
EXPORTIMAR Irma Decor French 1960's eyeglass frames.  These are gorgeous unused new stock.  Thick beveled black frames that are accented with brilliant aurora borealis rhinestones and brass studs on the brows.  For the Petite to Average sized head.
Unisex and so badass.  Very cool chiseled angular beatnik hipster eyeglass frames made in Germany.
Betty Browline square cat eye eyeglasses or reading glasses.  Perfect for an oval, square or rectangular shaped head. Beautiful acetate frames with spring hinges.  In 3 colors, one is bound to meow at you!
SRO Redwood browline 12k GF hardware on these Styl-Rite Optical 60's glasses.  These are unused new old stock and are ready for your prescription.  Best suits an oval or heart shaped narrow to average sized adult face.
Thick and chunky retro hipster reading glasses.  When over the counter readers just aren't wide or big enough.  I'm happy to offer these large sized readers,  measuring 5 1/2" (140mm) between the temples.  The temples are 5 3/4" long (145mm).
Round eyeglass frames in 4 must have colors that you will not find anywhere else on the web.  New Old Stock,  never worn and I am the only one who has these.
Only $5 a pair.  On clearance.  A horn rim reader very much like your father wore in the 50's and 60's.  Black plastic frame that's prescription friendly if you don't wear readers.  These come with +3.00 prescription in them already.  You'll love them.  Bring out the little geek in ya!
1950's Imperial USA Blackwood Clear Hornrim Browline Eyeglasses, also available in Amber.
'Auteurist'  a strong,  bold and chunky hornrim acetate frame.  Influential in it's own way you'll want all 4 colors.  Available as reading glasses or frames..
Very well made light weight graphic industrial design with a steampunk flair to them. Spring hinges plus a wide frame make this the perfect reader for my large keppies.  .
New Old Stock prescription eyeglass frames by SRO USA. Coveted and rare in this size. We've got them in 3 colors but only a few. Vintage unused stock from the 1960's.
Style is called Benjamin, almost round 5" wide frames best suited for an oval narrow face. Crystal green acetate green frames that glow in the daylight. Honey Amber and Black/Tortoise as well.  Colors in Optics C1023
Available as reading glasses or eyeglass frames.  One of the sturdiest frames you'll meet in our Cat Eye family.  Meow Mix has been with us for several years and just about sold out. Don't pass up your favorite color.  They don't make'm like this anymore.
Fabulous neutral black-grey leopard tortoise round hornrims. Big, and a hipster's dream.
Deep red triple studded hipster hornrims lined in grey.  Unisex and perfect for just about any face shape.
A great modern, graphic, clean metal reader that would look great on rectangular, oval and oblong faces.  You can put your own Rx into these, they're optical quality frames!
REDUCED for CLEARANCE from $95.  A basic unisex hornrim eyeglass frame in bright cheerful colors that will make everyone smile including yourself.
Very rare one of a kind 1960's vintage thick futuristic aviator shield mask goggle.
A really great Taupey brown fade to clear frame for my hipsters, both guys and gals. Comes in 2 frame sizes.
Petite Fit Small Adult 50's bronzey woodgrain pin stripe Non Rx cat eye sunglasses Made in the USA by Cosmetan
Unique rectangular frames/readers that ombre from grey to black, teal to dark blue, and purple to black.
Really cool odd oval futuristic frames. For those who love to be different.
Fun and chunky flattened round grunge pink, blue, hipster clear and tortoise. Indie eyeglass frames or reading glasses .
Metal Round Frames from the John Lennon Collection of Eyewear
80's style carved panto round prescription glasses imitative of L.A. Eyeworks style Monte.
A small panto frame in blonde or grey tortoise with long temples. Perfect for oval, long or rectangular petite narrow faces
60-16-140 Sanford Hutton oversized Ophelia eyeglasses C933 in lilac marble. One pair in red available.
vo027 Vince Camuto large colorful hornrimmed unisex prescription frames in maraschino cherry red.
Nice sized unisex hipster hornrims in clear, crystal yellow, and oregano green,  as readers or for your own prescription.
Tortoise Cat Eye Reading Glasses in Red, Denim Blue, Grey and Brown perfect for a petite sized face
Nice Hornrimed Eyeglass frames in 50 something' shades of Grey Tortoise,  Retro Teal Green, and Antique Golden Tortoise
Black thick hornrims in a very sturdy hipster round frame that is bold, arrogant, strong and sensually sexy.
Reading Glasses in a New 'non' Color in a thick chunky clear frame.
REDUCED FOR CLEARANCE from $95 Nice metal panto styled round hornrim in a very nice unisex hybrid frame of metal and acetate.
Panto-Sama-Style Round Sun Reader
Small quirky round eyeglass frames that you'll reach for every time.  Made by Scojo, NY
Wayfarer styled Wide Frame Polarized Sunglasses Hipster Geek-Style
Full Lens Geek Hipster Reading Glasses or Eyeglass Frames in purple, denim blue, tortoise and black
REDUCED from $95 CLEARANCE A narrow rectangular hornrim by Colors In Optics. Unisex and very classic.
Brings you back to the mod era of the 1960's. As seen on TV,  Lisa Apple big round black glasses! Wide 6" unisex budget quality frame with a 2" diameter lens opening.
Fun colorful hipster hornrim reading glasses in aqua, turquoise, kiwi green, red, tortoise and black
Wide Hipster Hornrim reading glasses in Tortoise with long temples.  Great shape for a square or rectangular face.
Pink, Aqua and Black classic Cat Eye Reading glasses or eyeglass frames
Long Temples in a nice two tone fade hornrim hipster panto frame. Made by Colors in Optics.  Style  CX108.
Colors in Optics /Sanford Hutton Browline Cat Eye optical Sunglasses or frames.  Prescription friendly frames.  Very nice shape for an oval or oblong,  heart shaped face.
Beautiful acetate frames that glow in the sun. Great style for round, square faces.
Slim and sleek French inspired narrow cat eye eyeglass frames. Kiwi green or lipstick red. A very sexy and confident kitty.
REDUCED from $95 Matahari C921 a nice layered acetate unisex frame in a hipster hornrim shape. Perfect for oval, long, rectangular and square/round faces.
Small Hornrim Geek Style HIpster with amber or Pearl white temples
Thick small round frames.  Half white half black. Put your prescription in them.  An eccentric round spectacle for those who wear what they want.   Best suited for a narrow to petite adult head.
Profiles 1 Stainless Steel 360 degree Round Metal Eyeglass frames with Spring Hinges for a narrow, small to average adult sized head.
52-20-140 Large Panto, our most popular Colors in Optics eyeglass frame.
A panto peabody 'horny' round. This style originates to about the 1940's. Oliver Peoples as well as L.A. Eyeworks have brought back this style made popular back in the 1960's by Gregory Peck and again in the 1980's.
2Tone Hornrim Hipster reading glasses, not too big, not too small. Just enough geekness for those who are a bit shy.
High end Boutique Sleek cat eye readers/frames in orange, magenta or clear with red lattice design
Simple medium sized round readers/eyeglass frames in Black, Tan and White
$10 Acetate Cat Eye Readers.  Wide Frame Cat Eye Reading Glasses or Eyeglass Frames
A thick rimmed, wide paddle temples and triple studded hornrim hipster frame very reminiscent of the 1960's
60's style John Lennon Eyewear Collection Discontinued Boogie Round Average Eyeglass Frames with Paddle Temples
60's style round Panto hornrim John Lennon Eyewear Collection Discontinued Eyeglass Frames
60's styled MaD Men John Lennon Eyewear Collection Discontinued Hornrim Rectangular Frames
Sexy Pointy Cat Eye Reading Glasses or Eyeglass Frames in Red and Magenta

Sold Out

Little itty bitty cool square/small rectangular sunglasses by Harry Lary. Made in France.
Alain Mikli 904 492 panto shaped eyeglass frames in shades of teal, blue, jade green and off white resembling abalone shell.  Discontinued frame,  only 1 pair available.
UOC 55-20-150 late 60's or early 70's new old unused frame stock.  These are in excellent condition.  Straightened,  cleaned and ready for your RX.  Color is ash tortoise.  Acetate frames with riveted strong barrel hinges.
46-20-145 New old stock from the 1950's by Tart Optical.  This cat eye style is called 'Grace',  and these frames were made in the USA.  Pearly white frames with original product sleeve.  Ready for your own Rx.
51-23-140 Spectacular crystal clear cat eye frames by Revue.  Vintage  eyeglasses from the 1960's. Clear frame front with etched fronds.  Brilliant gold tone metal temples.  One of a kind.  One pair available.
Web wing spider butterfly sunglasses.  Prescription friendly frames too.  Great piece to finish off a special costume. Purple lenses.   In excellent condition.  One of a kind 80's vintage,  only 1 pair out there.  These.
Thick black oval eyeglass frames by Chloé.  Pre-owned,  put your own prescription in them and call them your own.  Classic bold styling inspired by 50's and 60's eyewear.  Polished,  straightened and ready for your Rx.
New old stock never worn 1980's vintage.  Unbranded. Beautiful thick acetate frames. Polished,  straightened and ready for your prescription. This color is a caramel tortoise, and looks redder in the sun, hue changes in the shade.
42-20-160 round new old stock tortoise eyeglasses from the 1950's.  Shuron redwood  coil temples and Imperial frame fronts married into a perfect union.  Suited for a narrow face.
46-20-140mm.  New Old Stock from the 1950's-60's.   Very nice simple hand painted details,  Aurora Borealis rhinestones. Made in France.
In the mood for some sunshine,  so listing my yellow eyeglass frames this spring.  Its a matte satin finish warm yellow with warm tortoie temples.  Spring hinges.
Discontinued 'Wheeler' hornrim ny Warby Parker in honey yellow color 275.  The frame is in excellent like new condition.  It's a thick translucent honey colored acetate with horn rim styling and a key hole bridge.
1920's round metal rimmed spectacles with fitted sunglass clip ons. Pre-owned. As offered with their original magnifying prescription glass lenses in +3.00 strength (or without lenses, your choice)  Plus a pair of fitted pre-owned sunglass clips with blue glass lenses from the same era.
1920's Windsor spectacles with saddle bridge and coil temples.  Burgundy red celluloid covers the frame front.  Gold Filled frame.  Suited for a narrow to average sized face.1920's Windsor spectacles with saddle bridge and coil temples.  Burgundy red celluloid covers the frame front.  Gold Filled frame.  Suited for a narrow to average sized face.
Made in France by Logo Paris. Lightweight catty round frame with gold tone hardware and pink striped corners.
Eyeglass frames made in France for Premier Vision. Crystal clear, with a grey and black browline having chinese characters. Lightweight angular frame with gold tone hardware.  Vintage new old stock from the 80's.
New old stock from the 1970's.  True unworn vintage frames in excellent condition.  Crystal clear,  no yellowing,  riveted hinges.  Lightweight unisex eyeglass frame.
Oversized acetate crystal pale peach (flesh, nude, beige) panto shape frames with demo lenses.  Great color for red heads (ginger heads).
Oversized crystal red panto hornrimmed eyeglass frames with clear non Rx glass lenses.  Unused 70's vintage eyewear.
1920's Windsor spectacles with saddle bridge and coil temples.  Burgundy red celluloid covers the frame front.  Gold Filled frame.  Suited for a narrow to average sized face.1920's Windsor spectacles with saddle bridge and coil temples.  Burgundy red celluloid covers the frame front.  Gold Filled frame.  Suited for a narrow to average sized face.
44-22-160 Vintage industry grunge glasses at their best.  Shuron,  style name is Dobbs. 1940's Aluminum Hornrim Browline eyeglass frames with coil temples.  Bridge is 12k GF.
44-24-145 SRO Browline 10k GF Industrial Metal Hornrim Eyeglasses.  Styl-Rite Optical Black/Silver 50's Vintage NOS Aluminum
Date to 1978,  they were the Garfield eyewear line for teens back in the 70's,   United Feature Syndicate 1978.  Hot Pink round eyeglasses.  Where else will you find these?  Only 1 unique pair available!
Super color hard to find light weight pink acetate/metal panto eyeglass frames. 1978 Garfield Unite Feature Syndicate put out a line of eyewear for teens.  These suit a narrow to average adult sized head.  Lightweight acetate/metal hybrid eyeglass frame ready for your own Rx.
Hot pearly pink square cat eyeglass frames made in France.  1950's NEW never used old stock in excellent condition. Ready for your own prescription.
Gorgeous golden yellow/brown tortoise in a round panto frame by Liz Claiborne.  Pre-owned vintage 80's sunglasses. Best suited for a narrow adult sized head.
Stunning 80's cat eye frames in black & silver iridescent optic checker pattern.  Company is FOVES,  made in Italy.  Pre-owned in excellent condition, ready for your own prescription.
 Wide frame,  wide bridge.  These are just awesome frames for those of you who have trouble finding big statement glasses with a wide bridge. 24mm.  Made by Gazelle,  unused 1970's frames.
These are just awesome frames for those of you who have trouble fiThese are just awesome frames for those of you who have trouble finding big statement glasses with a wide bridge. 24mm.  Made by Gazelle,  unused 1970's frames.nding big statement glasses with a wide bridge. 24mm.  Made by Gazelle,  unused 1970's frames.
Nothing beats Bausch & Lomb's quality.   Their 'Timberline' style. Brown,  tan, and white aviator eyeglass frames from the 1970's.
Tura model 751 BLU marble flat front aviator eyeglass frames with demo lenses that have a slight gradient tint.  1980's pre-owned vintage suited for a wide big head.
New old Stock 1950's-60's prescription eyeglass frames by Pathway Optical made  in the good ole USA.    In pristine condition.  Built like a brick house.
1960's frames made in France,  never used,  new old stock.  Sturdy barrel hinges with double star studs everywhere the hinge mounts to the frame and temples.  A beautiful warm tortoise that sorta reflects red at points depending on how the sunlight hits them.
M.B. Optical New Jersey Red Cat Eye glasses paired with a pair of pre-owned cat  clip on sunglasses from the 1950's.  A great pair.  Iridescent red frames lined in black with feather studs.  New Old Stock,  never worn frames suited for a narrow adult face.  Vintage 1960's stock.
Pale powder blue cat eye eyeglass frames.  Very rare and desired color. Offered in 2 bridge sizes.  Bel-Air Optical MFG Co made in USA,  style name is Rayette.
1960's round thick eyeglass frames in Warm Tortoise.  Made in USA by Victory Optical. Vintage unused new old stock.
Lilac, violet, light purple, lavender, it's pale anyway you say it. Grunge glory.  Oversized square eyeglass frames from the 80's,  new old stock never worn.  56-22-145 size.
Sweet and sexy look over half frames. Cat eyes (if you haven't already noticed) with rhinestone temples. Layered nylon Blackwood/white/soft yellow. 1950's era, pre-owned reconditioned eyeglass frames.
+1.50 Bifocal Sun Reader.  Corinne McCormack issued the 'Annette' Bifocal sun reader about 8 years ago.  I carried them for 2 years and then she discontinued this style.  It was one of the classiest full framed cat eye I ever carried.  +1.50 bifocal sun reader.
Thick and chunky 1960's round sunglasses. Mother of Pearl acetate frames that are 10mm thick in the front. That's just under 1/4" in thickness. The frame front isn't flat like most sunglasses, but bevels inwards. Cool.
Awesome gypsy/boho 1970's era oversized sunglasses made in Italy. Blue glass lenses and will fit a very large face.
Pale purple round grunge frames.  Purple haze, look big on a narrow face.  Only 1 pair available.
Cacharel large cat eye sunglasses made in France.  These are gorgeous acetate laminate frames with a lovely subtle pale yellow linen pattern on the outside.  Style 658 Col 001
Awesome green slender cat eyes made in France in the 1950's. These frames were never worn and considered new old stock. Would look awesome on a ginger head with freckles xoxo
Vintage 70's Esprit brand eyeglass frames. Lightweight and sturdy acetate frame in a matte Warm Tortoise coloring.   In excellent pre-owned condition.
Thick tortoise panto hornrim reading glasses that make a statement.  Discontinued color.  One pair left.
Subtle and soft wrap cat eye frames especially great for high prescriptions.  This is a petite frame and suits a narrow face. Made in France 1950's vintage eyewear.
1950's vintage industrial hornrim safety glasses you can put your own Rx in. Safety shields on the sides.  Very rare and desired color.  A clear ash grey frame that blends in with your complexion or your cool toned hair..
Wanna turn heads?  Spectacular olive green carved oval eyeglass frames that glow in bright light.  1960's-60's MAY USA frond carved eyeglass frames.
1950's eyeglass frames never worn new old stock,  Bausch & Lomb square cat eye prescription glasses in dark pearl slate grey.  A perfect color for salt & pepper beauties as well as fair skinned and black head divas.
A very rare and desired color.  Peachy/nude/flesh palest coral that works well with pale complexions. New old stock, never used.  Made in the USA
Very beautiful and sexy cat eye glasses by Lulu Guinness.  Red/Black tortoise temples on the outside, and layered over crystal magenta.
Salt and Pepper leopard Tortoise Cat Eye Eyeglass Frames perfect for a petite to average sized face.
Pre-owned 60's eyeglass frames by Liberty USA.    Style is called Winsum. In excellent condition.
Small round eyeglass frames for the narrow to average sized head. Adorable and studious small rounds.  A thick acetate frame with a warm golden amber and black tortoise pattern. Only 1 pair available.
Beautiful large CS246 TSGRN Colors in Optics French Spec Tortoise Teal Panto Hornrim Eyeglasses
1960's round thick eyeglass frames in warm Tortoise. Black has sold.  Made in USA by Victory Optical. Vintage unused new old stock.
Oliver Peoples Bradford.  Pre-owned Non Rx sunglasses in excellent condition. Made in Italy.  SIzed for a narrow to average adult sized head.
NOS 70's hornrim eyeglasses by Swank Optical and made in Hong Kong. Striking hues that mimmick the colors of pheasant feathers. Warm browns, some golds, hints of peacock blue and bits of black mica adding that extra dimension in the frame. Style RIDGE 212-173
Bright white rhinestones set in a silver metallic wrap around band of glam.  New old stock from the 1950's, never used.  Black thick sleek cat eye frames that will look best on round, square or rectangular faces.  Only 1 unique pair available.
Beautiful pearl white cat eye frames made in France. A rare average sized frame with a large lens opening, great for progressives or sunglasses.  New old stock, in like new condition.  Ready for your prescription.
Pre-owned Opal Red classic round frames made in England by Anglo American Optical.  These eyeglasses are in excellent condition and will suit a narrow, petite to average sized head.
Bausch & Lomb safety glasses.  Very rare and desired color.  A clear peach/flesh/nude/beige crystal clear frame that blends in with your complexion. NOS Military issued and never worn.
Get noticed. Italian 1960's true vintage sunglasses. Bold, statement frames in thick chunky 'Bakelite like' plastic.
Beautiful faux creamy ivory/bone acetate frames that show their true beauty in bright daylight.  French vintage 60's square ivory eyeglass frames.  These are fairly big, almost 2" square lens openings.
Jack.  50 something shades of grey leopard tortoise.  Nice Wayfarer-styled frames with a key hole bridge.  Thick sturdy salt and pepper tortoise frames with long temples and spring hinges.  Will suit just about all face shapes except round.
New old stock prescription eyeglass frames made in France, 1960's vintage.  Beautiful cat eye glasses that will fit the average sized head and these are just gorgeous.  A thick bold subtle cat eye in a soft naked blushing nude color.
When you want to make  statement with your sunnies.  When you want to be the only person in the world who owns them.
Fabulous chrome finished aluminum cat eye prescription eyeglasses in soft pink with pearl clusters at each end. Frame size suitable for a petite fit, small adult sized head. 1960's pre-owned vintage.
One of a kind vintage unused 1960's round crystal eyeglass frames in crystal green.
Beautiful Demi Amber Tortoise Ralph Lauren 80's vintage round panto hornrim eyeglass frames.  Simply stunning eyewear that will not disappoint.
A very nice cat eye that's not too pointy, not too sleek in off beat colors.  Sorta squared on the ends.  Nice full lens perfect for progressives.  The pastels are layered, look closely there's a thin line of white sandwiched between the colors.  Only 1 pair of curry yellow left.  No re-orders.
Original true vintage dead stock, never worn.1960's octagon 8 sided frames.  White brilliant rhinestones set into the frame surrounded with tiny silver studs. Beautiful frames in excellent condition. Made in France.
Vintage Colors in Optics 80's new old stock never used. Very wide black oversized prescription eyeglasses with a pyramid dip at the bridge. The black frame front has these cool silver dashes that reflect the light and come and go depending on the angle they're looked at.
LoGo Paris Style NYLOR 327 Oversized and sexy metal curvy prescription glasses made in France. Unused vintage 1980's inventory. Only 1 available.
Die Hard 1980's vintage panto frames in a gorgeous silvery white frame with gold tone detailing. Made in Italy by Lotus, style name is Casanova. New Old Stock.
These amber/orange tortoise sunglasses date to the 1960's and made in Italy, with non Rx glass lenses.  Wide frame with an inside hinge to hinge of 5 1/2" (140mm)
Thick, chunky frames in a warm tortoise brown.  Strong barrel hinges with crown rivets everywhere the hinges mount to the frame. The temple ends are lightly ridged for added stability behind your ears.  New old stock, nylon frame,  never worn.
Vintage new old stock 70's Oversized Black Panto Hornrim Mainstreet 150 Hong Kong Eyeglasses Frames
Glowing Rhubarb Red pointy cat eye prescription frames from the 1950's.  Suitable for multi focal lenses.  New Old Stock by Art Craft USA.
Beautiful French oval cat eye prescription frames with a gold notched brow embedded with bright rhinestones and brass studs. New old stock from the 1950's, made in France.
60's true vintage oversized blue/brown transparent watercolor prescription eyeglasses made in France.  They're oversized frames which are sized to fit the average to slightly wide face. Absolutely stunning in person.
1950's vintage black cat eye prescription glasses with silver rhinestone swags at each tip.  Best suited for a petite to narrow adult sized face and would look perfect on heart, oval shaped heads. Made by Regency USA.
Vintage 1950's Vogue USA black clear aluminum browline eyeglasses that feel great on your face.  Best on long, oval, oblong faces on an average adult width head.
50s NOS (new old stock) black pointy rhinestone cat eye prescription glasses.  One of a kind unused frames for that pin up girl in you.  Made in France. For a petite, narrow to average sized face.
Oversized unique butterfly shaped flat frames in a transparent geometric pattern of overlapping grey blonde squares. True vintage eyeglasses from France 1960's.
Only 1 pair of these alluring aqua prescription frames. They're catty and a little horny too.  A little of both makes these a naughty kitty :)
True vintage Shuron browlines that top with a black/grey translucent striping to clear eyeglasses. A nice hard to find size of 42-22-140 and in perfect unused condition. New old stock from the 1960's.
Rare flip up black 1960's vintage double eyeglass frames. Soo eccentric and unique guaranteed to turn heads. Variant, made in Austria.
Suits many alter egos. Large 8 sided vintage sunglasses from the 1960's.  Clear dark glass non Rx lenses.
Petite narrow round tortoise prescription eyewear for my petite gals.  Narrow frame which suits oval and oblong small adult faces perfectly. Made in France. New unused eyeglasses to sooth your indie soul.
60's French Eccentric Large Thick Diamond Shaped Eyeglass Frames in Tortoise
Black French Round Rhinestone Eyeglass Frames Vintage 60's. New Old Stock,  Hipster grunge girl prescription eyeglasses made in France.
Vintage 60's French Oval Browlines with an iridescent like pink champagne browline that carries over onto the temples and fades off to black. Very unique frames you won't find anywhere else. One of a kind.
Great black and white checkered frames in a round hornrim panto shape with a keyhole bridge. An indie favorite. Goes with everything. Special order available in reading glasses and prescription friendly frames.
Vintage 60's large round unisex frames.  Auburn tortoise/France, and Ash Blonde/USA.  Light weight and hard to find quality.
Thick chunky beveled tortoise round frames from the 1960's.  2 sizes. New old stock, never used.
Iridescent green checkered round eyeglasses made in France. Vintage 1960's grunge dream come true, indie, hipster, alternative eyewear.
Red/Orange checkered mosaic round iridescent eyeglass frames for a petite fit. Made in France, 1960's new old stock.
A Grunge Girl's dream. 2 1/4" diameter cobalt blue round sunglasses in a tortoise frame. Made in Italy. Hipster and indie lovers as well as wandering bohemian souls and boho beauties. 1960's true vintage.
Unique Hot pink checkered iridescent diamond cat eyes made in France 1960's.
Blue black marble oversized frames by Logo Paris made in France. Rare and sought after color.
1950's black and white scalloped pointy cat eye frames made in France. Best suited on a petite fit, small adult round, square or oval head.
Great great eyeglass frames for a round, square or rectangular face.  Light weight unisex eyeglasses in Matte Bronze.  Unique eyewear for an eccentric soul.
Metal 8 sided  light weight eyeglass frames with a deep red color that's not overpowering.  Made by Cinza NY style is called TRIM
Rare 90's Florence Vogue eyeglass frames with shield sides. Coolness factor in a brushed gunmetal frame.  Italian unisex goggles that will look great on just about anyone.
Strip down Nude Pink(SOLDOUT) or Black. Iconic oversized 80's frames by Bausch & Lomb for Donna Karan.
Yves Saint Laurent oversized wood grain eyeglasses. Tremendous statement in size, shape and unique style. Not another pair out there like them.
A checkered past perhaps? Have no fear. Hide behind these rare black and white 1960's vintage eyeglass frames.
Beautiful French bright shimmery green cat eye glasses with arora borealis crystals and brass studded accents.
Vintage 50's classic black cat eyeglass frames with clip on sunglasses
50s Tortoise Cat Eye Eyeglasses w Clip on Sunglasses Steampunk Keyhole Bridge Rhinestone Eyeglass frames French France
A Pinup's Dream~Kitschy Cat Eye Frames to match that Atomic Kitchen!
Petite fit aluminum browline cat eyes in a soft black nylon frame. By American Optical, USA
YSL vintage 60's oversized woodgrain cat eye eyeglass frames made in France
Hot Pink Mosaic checkered Round eyeglass frames for a petite to average fit. Adult frame.
Hand made in Italy by Binocle, NOS Tortoise frames in a great squarish Panto styled frame
Rrare 2" (49mm) lenses in a thin silver metal frame very reminiscent of their 1920's precedors.
1960's French round eyeglass frames in hot pink pearlized frame. Perfect for the average width face.
A unique thick and chunky nylon frame in a diamond cat eye shape perfect for round or square faces.
90's clear square hipster unisex frame suitable for an average oval, long or rectangular face
Clear Aviator Frames.  Unisex chunky and bold 80's crystal clear modern aviator goggles eyeglass frames perfect for a wide head.
Non Rx true 70's crystal clear vintage aviator sport goggles by Liberty USA with locking temples.
5 5/8" inside hinge to hinge. Wide frame in black marble. New designer vintage stock from the 70's
5 1/2" (140mm) inside hinge to hinge. By Colors in Optics USA. A gorgeous aviator styled frame with a modern clean look
Reduced to $75. A clean angular hipster frame that you'll fall in love with. Stainless steel and acetate with spring hinges. VG 146 Vince Camuto Does it again.
Very slim sleek narrow kiwi green and black wide frames. Head Turning Eyeglasses for those who want attention.
A medium sized roundish lens in a nice spring hinged stainless steel frame. Genuine John Lennon Eyewear
A large crystal clear round panto hornrim with wayfarer style spring temples
John Lennon Eyewear Collection Discontinued Winston Small Adult Rectangular Frames
Thick, chunky round acetate frames with a fabulous grey leopard tortoise shell pattern. Big bold round eyewear with wide wayfarer style temples. Unisex and head turning.
Classic true vintage black cat eye eyeglasses paired with vintage cat eye clip ons.
Thick and chunky grey cream leopard tortoise in a slightly oval sexy cat eye.
Shades of black and clear in a round hornrim panto keyhole bridge unisex frame.
A clean hornrim unisex hipster frame in 50 somethin' shades of grey leopard tortoise.
Thick, big and chunky square Eyeglass Frames perfect hipster indie eyewear for those who like to be noticed.
Full cat eye eyeglass frames by Vince Camuto. VO054.  Best on a full, oblong average sized face.
REDUCED FOR CLEARANCE FROM $75 Classic angular cat eye frame in glowing color combinations. Pinup style without being too severe.
Gorgeous full wide frame cat eye in a sexy browline shuron style eyeglass frame.
Large leopard or pink cat eye eyeglass frames by Jessica Simpson.
REDUCED FOR CLEARANCE from $95 Colors in Optics acetate Panto round Hornrims in black marble and amber. A great hipster roundish shape. Grunge, alternative and indie genras will love these frames.
Reduced from $95 Clark Kent's Christopher Reeve wore these back in the 80's.  A large panto styled squarish round with a high bridge.
Reduced for clearance $75. Unique ombre of colors in one hipster frame.  Head turning full rectangular hipster hornrim that glows in the sun.
Square Cat by Eyefunc.  Made in France.  Black-purple cat eye eyeglass frames perfect for oblong, oval, rectangular and heart shaped faces.
Nice Round frames for our Doctor Who Lovers.  A unisex Harold Lloyd-ish round, not to big, not too small.
Eccentric thick round acetate frame prescription glasses
Big round budget quality optical frames with spring temples.