Gone Forever
Really cool odd round little readers. For those who love to be different.



These are just nuts....Anodized matte satin finish metal, with acetate temple ends and adjustable nose pads.

They are funky, different, and irreverent. A great sturdy metal frame with snappy spring temples.  

They come in Black, Purple, Red, Bronze, and Silver.
SOLD OUT on Black & Red. Can't get them anymore. Purple in 3.00 is slightly scratched and reduced to $20. My last pair.

Best of all, they're not your typical drug store peepers. 


Only available here at Retro Focus Eyewear.



  • Frame width: 5 1/4" (132mm)

  • Frame height: 1 1/2" (37mm)

  • Frame material: Anodized satin finish metal with acetate temple ends.

  • Lens width: 1 5/16" (34mm)

  • Lens height: 1 5/16" (34mm)

  • Hinge to hinge width: 5 1/4" (132mm)

  • Bridge (DBL): 30mm with adjustable nose pads.The space between the pads determines how high or low a pair of frames will sit on your nose.  By gently pushing the nose pads closer these will sit highter.  The further apart they are the lower they will sit.  Nose pad 'arms' are not to be adjusted too many times as the arm can snap off if you use too much force.  I know how to adjust mounted nose pads.  On rare incidents I have snapped them off.  Ooops. You wouldn't want this happening to you.  Sooo... it's best you bring them to an optical ship so they can do it if you're not sure of your own strrength.  You can request that I adjust them closer or further apart than the standard position shown in the photos before I ship them.  Though if they still don't fit as you'd like them, you will need to adjust them yourself or have an optician do it for you.

  • Spring hinge: Yes, nice snappy ones.

  • Pupil to pupil distance: 2 5/8" (67mm)

  • Lenses: Aspheric (distortion free)

  • Head size: Average to slightly wide

  • Optical quality: No. but it's questionable. The frame itself is very good quality, but there's no screw on the frame to remove the lenses. Though there are some talented optical technicians who may be able to remove the lenses, and install your RX. The lab we work side by side with may be able to do it, but you'd have to send them to them for an evaluation. They need to have them in hand to try. They're called ReplaceALens.com and tell them Desi from Retro Focus Eyewear sentcha!

  • Protective case and lens cleaning cloth included

  • Note: We work side by side with an online lab called ReplaceALens.com that charges wholesale prices for lenses that we recommend to all our eyewear buyers. Their prices are 2/3rds less than your local neighborhood optical shops. Visit their website. They never turn down any of our optical frames. Our frames are guaranteed with a free replacement or refund in case the lab damages them while they install your lenses. No other optician would give you such a promise. Only we do. Tell them Desi sentcha from Retro Focus Eyewear.

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