Ronnie Cat Eye
A light weight plastic pinup  square cat eye reader that brings you back to the Mad Men Era of the 1960's.  A Shuron-styled Browline Fade coloring in black, red and brown.

*Ronnie* reading glasses reduced.  Normally $15 each.  2 Pairs of the SAME color and strength for $10, quantity in selector is (1) but you will be receiving 2 pairs.

If you need 1.00, both pairs are slightly scratched. It's all I've got. The scratches don't interfere with vision.

Although they're cool and cute and hard to get locally, I've come to realize they don't last.   This type of plastic just doesn't cut it if you're looking for longevity in a reader. These cannot withstand the pressure on its hinges when worn on top of your head. I know many of my buyers wear them there, as do I, but you can't with these. Acetates hold up on the head. Not plastic ones. I'll be staying away from plastic readers going forward.  This deal doesn't come with cases.  If they break I won't replace them. So try not to drop them.  

Final Sale.  Available in 3 colors: Black Fade, Crystal Red Fade and Crystal Brown Fade while inventory lasts. Lightweight plastic reading glasses with squared tips and silver tone detail in each corner. Very reminiscent of the 1960's hornrims our moms used to wear.

I am wearing them for a point of reference. My face is long and oval and I feel they suit me fine. I consider my face width to be narrow to average.

Only available here, at Retro Focus Eyewear